September 28, 2021

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Nani’s® is a food manufacturing company based in West Malaysia which produces frozen pastries and confectioneries in a 9,600 sqft humble factory, running at 200,000 pcs monthly supplying to whole Malaysia and also export-ready.

Nani’s full range of products — export ready with Halal, GMP & HACCP.

Our 13 range of nani’s products including daifuku Mochi are Halal JAKIM certified which ensures entrance to other Muslim countries and Halal-sensitive markets possible. Being a Muslim manufacturer ourselves, we take full commitment and responsibility to ensure all our products are Halal certified since 2001.


With 20 over years in business, we take our production seriously and always put food hygiene and food safety as our top priority. To show our commitment in that, we committed ourselves to HACCP and GMP certification in our manufacturing facility. So, worry not. All our products are produced in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified premise since 2008 and followed by HACCP for our food safety accreditation since 2009.
With these two certifications, our frozen pastry range is ready to ship to any part of the world.


Preparing for the export requirement is one thing. Getting our hands in the export activities is about walking the talk. To that, we have been actively involved in export activities since 2001. Some of our major exports being to Wales, Brunei, Dubai, Melbourne, Singapore, Philippines, Macau and Saudi Arabia. Not really a big export player here, but we sure know what need to prepare for exports.

We have the products, we have the certs, we have the experience. All we need left is YOU — the next exporter.
Ready to export? Let’s talk.

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